Ways to use essential oils

Whether you use essential oils for their therapeutic properties, to enhance well-being, or purely for pleasure, there are a number of ways to enjoy essential oils.

Here are a few recommendations on ways to enjoy PureomEO™ Essential Oils.

Massage: Add essential oil to a carrier oil, such as coconut oil, meadowfoam seed oil, jojoba, olive oil, or lotion base to moisturize skin and smell great.

Bathing: Make your bath even more relaxing by adding a few drops of essential oil to bath water. 

Aromatherapy: Create a natural fragrant ambience in any room of the house, office or studio by using essential oils in a diffuser.

Inhalation: Add a few drops of essential oil to a tissue or handkerchief to experience essential oils on the go. This can also be done at home by adding essential oil to a bowl of hot water or by adding a few drops to your pillow case.

Other recomendations:

Add a few drops of essential oil to your favorite shampoo, conditioner, body wash or moisturizer.  For around the house add a few drops of essential oil to a cotton ball and leave in a drawer, basement or closet.


Pictured above: our Four Thieves oil is a blend of clove, eucalyptus, lemon, rosemary and cinnamon.

Scott Johnson